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Made from 100% organic cotton

With great fun, comes great responsibility, and together we need to bring the change not just in our mundane lives but also in our environment. And so, Dexter Darzi went a step ahead and decided to use 100% organic cotton fabric which is made by a natural process without any toxic chemicals or GMO seeds.

Moisture absorbent handkerchiefs

What’s the biggest killjoy? A handkerchief that looks good but doesn’t serve its core purpose. Our handkerchiefs have been designed to be moisture absorbent which works wonders in extreme sweat, heat & humidity. Designed for all year round usage, these are quick dry & lightweight as well. 

Soft & Smooth Texture Handkerchiefs

Who doesn’t find a runny nose annoying! But what’s even more annoying is the problems that come with it. We ensured that you have no more red noses, rashes or allergies. Our handkerchief’s soft fabric makes it suitable for all skin types. And it only keeps getting softer with each time you wash it.

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